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Current Events

The Rotary Club of Perris is involved with many local and International  Events. 

In fact, we have over 30 Projects per year on our schedule. We'll keep the most Current ones listed on this page. For previous events click on another event tab in the menu. If you have pictures to share from any of our other club events, Please forward them to

Coming Coming or Gone
March 9th, 2023 we held our Annual 'Four Way Speech contest
April 1
4th-16th we are sending 10 students Juniors to RYLA. 
April 22, we will man the water stations at the 5k Fun Run in Perris.
We are currently Interviewing 11 Seniors for Scholarships.
May 4th was our Annual Honors Dinner at the Bob Glass Gym. CONTACT us for more information.
June 24/ 2023 we celebrate 
our President with a Demotion event. Send us a note using Contact Us, for more information.

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